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Since we're all this together, I think the frontliners should thank the ordinary people who accepted the mecq without complaints. Especially the poor who lost livelihood, suddenly becoming LSI, those who can't feed their family. To these people it is also life or death.

I feel paranoid and vulnerable when i use urinals in public comfort rooms.

Was at Greenhills "tiangge", heard a bags saleswoman announce "Bags, slightly original". Made me chuckle.

Was at a mall parking, new Escalade with "8" plate driver sleeping engine on with AC. At least the "poor" driver is comfortable. 30+% of our tax withheld at work.

If you're trying to help a friend who is depressed, don't ask them what/why they are depressed. It's hard to put into words and it will make them feel worse.

I wish motorists could watch or read more info/video/infographic online regarding road regulations and courtesy. Instead of watching/reading random click baits online.

What's with the rampant and random use of "God bless" closing in business emails/notes/messages?? Always tempted to reply "how the f@#k did god get involved here". Is it like a get out jail free card??

Tried to save time and fuel by walking home from BGC. 4kms is ok. I realised pedestrians are NOT considered by our city planners.

Not sure what happened to us pinoys, whether employed in government or private, high position or super low position, why a lot easily have a tendency to be corrupt and abuse their position?

From experience, I really think nice guys finish last. It's depressing.

5years working in an office building in BGC, I still don't get how some elevator users leave their trash in the elevator when there's a trash bin immediately on each floor after they go out.

There is no such thing as karma.

Travelled to different cities of different countries. So far Mumbai is the city I hate most. It's chaotic, dirty, derelict with lots of undisciplined people. Been there many times but can't seem to like it..maybe because I foresee metro Manila being like that few years from now.

I think we Filipinos have no sense of shame or honor. It shows when people cut lines, dont follow simple rules, or glorify people who make money through illegal means.

I find it unprofessional when fast food crew are nagkukulitan or naghharutan with each other while at their counters with customers. I see this often.