RA10592 can only grant a maximum of 14 years deduction for the 280 years sentence of ex-Mayor Sanchez. The good conduct time allowance (GCTA) can grant only 15 days deduction per month of service of study, teaching, or mentoring. Not to mention, there are instances when the former Calauan Mayor was caught with drugs in his prison cell. It is mathematically impossible to set Sanchez free this year based on GCTA alone. Source: Cong Koko Nograles

I hate it when people misjudge you or even think ill of you ... when you haven't done a single thing to warrant it.

Close to 3 years with no Salary Increase (Not even Inflationary Increase).

Yesterday I had a very long wait at the doctor's. The three plastic plants in the waiting area have 163 leaves each, the patient information poster on the wall has 127 words, the longest word has 19 letters. Yup, I waited that long!

I’m going to warning you. This one is kadiri! While fingering my girlfriend in the dark, I tried to be sexy and licked my fingers. After we turned the lights back on, we realized that her period had come early. No more finger licking kinky stuff for me.

Sheeeeeeet. The moment after hitting "confirm payment" for my boyfriend's birthday gift (along with some sexy lingerie for the occasion) on a shopping app, my period tracker app popped up to let me know I'll be well into my period on the 4th. I'm getting cockblocked by mother nature herself. B*@xh hahhaha

Maraming ganapan sa maynila ngayon about guys who film girls with their phones tas ang ba.bata pa ng mga babae. The fact that di nila mapigilan mga sarili nila means they really are sick in the head. They seriously need to get beaten up para tumatak na sa Kanila na di maganda ginagawa nila.

Walang use mga politicians dito sa pinas. They’re just fattening up their wallets. Sayang yung pinas, marami pa namang opportunities. Sayang yung votes Kay Duterte, if only yung majority ng mga pinoy Hindi madaling mauto we could’ve improved a lot of issues dito sa bansa.

Women are more direct and outspoken to their partners compared to the quiet shy “mahiyain” types from before.

Rely on yourself and don’t expect anything from people. You’ll sure survive this way.

Daming fake news sa Philippines which is also rooted from corruption.

Don not move to Cambridge village. The management of the place has gone to shit!

My gf found out about my fubu. She hasn't said anything about it to me and what is making me nervous is that she is being very nice. What is she planning?

Tito PRR

This is what I think when politicians promise to improve things in the #Philippines.

Tito PRR

I think every guy can relate to this. My mahal still doesn't

Petito PRR

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