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 The most painful words I've ever heard....

"I stopped loving you over 2 years ago, di ko lang alam paano sasabihin. I'm sorry pinatagal ko masyado umabot sa ganito. But I really don't want to do this anymore. Now you know the real reason why I ghosted you for almost 2  months" - LDR ex gf of 5 years

The worst part was we were going for a vacation in her hometown, I was supposedly going to propose to her as a surprise. The reason she wasn't able to communicate with me for the past couple of months was that she had a lot going on. She lost her phone and it took her a while to secure a new one. She has all her e-mail and passwords she used on her social media accounts on that phone that's why she wasn't able to contact me through her socials either. She also got a new job and a new apartment so she had to go through a lot of moving arrangements. I trusted her and believed in her excuses. The day came and I finally flew to her hometown, she stood me up and that's when she told me everything over the phone. She blocked me in everything. I tried going to her new address she gave me to try to talk to her and try to find out why or to try to fix things. She gave me a fake/wrong address. I was stuck at a unfamiliar place, all alone, broken and confused. A supposed vacation paradise turned into a nightmare. This happened exactly a year ago. I can't remember the entire conversation but that was the gist of it.  I'm honestly okay now but no matter how much I've been able to pull through, to move on, I don't think the lingering traces of the pain won't truly ever go away.

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It is a tragedy to know that you are loved by everybody  else and yet the only person who cannot bring himself to love you is you yourself.

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