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I cheated because............


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Here are some reasons why a lot of people in the Philippines and many other countries have trouble with life and finances.

What we expose our selves to - People exposed to toxic environments like air or noise pullution, emotional and mentally toxic envirnoments, for extended periods  unknowingly suffer the most. When you are exposed to such, you become stressed and your thinking ability is compromised. Your creativity is hampered and you will find yourself doing the most confusing things.

For example, When you read the news in locations that have high pollution you come across a lot of incidents that leave you thinking WTF? Why would someone do that? How often do you hear of such things in less toxic areas.

A good solution is to take yourself away from toxic places/relationships, look after yourself no matter how odd it may look. Make it a priority to avoid stress.

Finances - Add as many income streams as you can. The more money you have coming in, the less likely you are going to make desperate financial descisions which end up frustrating you and leaving you broke which will result in stress and the problems it bings, as I mentioned above.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for additionall income streams is that they look for something that brings in a lot of money almost immediately, this greed usually leads to them falling for scams and getting stressed. My solution is one brick at a time.

My suggestions based on my experiences:

I read a about how to make money and motivational content everyday for 30 mins. 

I make around P500 a day on I do not know much about bitcoin or trading and I have no interest in that. It works well for others, but I just find it boring. The bitcoin rate fluctuates everyday, so what I first did was to create an account and add P500. Each time the bitcoin rate increased above 50 pesos I would withdraw that to my peso account. I did this for a few weeks and had P50 everyday. After a month I increased the amount to P5000 and did the same thing until I was confident enough to upload an additional P5000. 

I don't sit at my computer the whole day, I just use another app to notifiy me when the rate has increased above P10 500 then I withdraw it. To be on the safe side, these days I set the marker to notify me at P10 200 so that I withdraw P200+ twice a day into my Peso account. That is an extra P500 everyday. It could be more if I were to add more to my account, which I will. 

Referral marketing - There is a huge growth in the number of people starting businesses around the world and two things that all businesses need are websites and marketing data (telemarketing lists and email lists).

I signed up with two programs for free and spend about I hour a day answering questions on blogs and social media where I recommend these products. I also have their banners on my blogs. When people buy any of their lists or websites, I get a commission on a weekly basis. 

These are just a few examples, in total I have about 8 income streams and make above 50k from them every month, besides my main business. I am never broke, I have time for my family, I am less stressed and in good health.

Why am I sharing this? It doesn't hurt me at all to share this information to help others and I have the time. If you know any other legit revenue streams please list them below to help others.

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