What do you spend your time doing during the lockdown?


We broke up because............

Since we're all this together, I think the frontliners should thank the ordinary people who accepted the mecq without complaints. Especially the poor who lost livelihood, suddenly becoming LSI, those who can't feed their family. To these people it is also life or death.

Why women prefer older or more mature men

If I may, it's not so much as age but that maturity and balance has taken root. There is nothing more attractive than seeing a man confident, fun and aware of himself. That man exudes leadership to a woman (notice woman not girl). A woman starts to ponder, how she can compliment and if she's for him her submission and strength become a gift.  A man of understanding can hear what we don't say and and still be a covering so we're free to be soft and strong at the same time. And it's not about performance or "putting it down"  but when you're open to satisfying your woman, its not only reciprocated but the results are evident. You men are truly beautiful and rare gifts.... when you decide to be. 😉


Anyone DTF right now? Got a car and a condo near SM North., I can pick you up :P 66kg on a 5’5 frame who regularly works out. Im a 26 year old guy in the healthcare business Cute sabi nila but we all know looks are subjective. Orally fixated so I liking kissing the girl’s whole body. Never had a GF mga longtime landian lang or quick fubus. Sana someone who can take a 6.5in long dick (5.5in around) and yung matagal labasan kasi matagal din ako haha and someone who likes her kitty eaten lol.

Reason for looking: HORNY ako ngayon hahahhaha


Hello, I am currently looking for a handsome guy, tall and kind enough to date a chubby girl like me. It's one of my bucket list to date a guy that is out of my league. :) I am proud of my tits and I love sex too, I enjoy being submissive as well as rough sex. I love going to dates and stories too.



Why do people always think that Fiilpinas are cheap whores who'd down to fuck anyone?

Working professional lCaucasian Euro guy seeking liberated adventurous females for steamy chat with a view to possible future meet up. Prefer mature chubby/BBW type but open to all ages and body forms. Southern Manila area.

Im tall average build, educated, well travelled and a gentleman, but with a very very naughty twinkle in my eye.

Anyone interested?

Looking for milf here, lonely? It's a secret between us. This is one of my bucketlist and I'll just do what ever you want! 

What was your most painful breakup?

Now that the quarrantine has been downgraded, what are you up to? Personally, I have been catching up on exercising. 
One has to stay fit and 'flexible' ;)


I cheated because............


Any Matured Woman in Baguio, Benguet, that is Interested in a hot steamy fuck sessions immediately the ECQ is lifted drop me your Whatsapp number and I will make your wished cum through with Multiple Orgasms. 

I'm seeing an increase in women becoming entreprenurial ad giving live shows on zoom and gentlemen are paying. Now that's social distancing and making $ens$e :) 

My husband has been telling me he doesn't love me anymore for quite sometime now. It was the most painful words I've ever heard so far. He wanted to separate but he's not leaving home. He told me, he'll leave the house for good when he likes it. No matter how sorry I was for the wrong things I did he wouldn't wanna give me a chance. I asked for the same chance I gave him when he cheated on me some 4 or 5 years ago. 

I wanted us to work that's why as far as I can change for the better I would change, but for every chance he got he'll throw me that line, i dont love you anymore. 

I never thought I could be this heartbroken. I feel sad for my son. He doesn't deserve to grow up in a broken family. I hope there's another way for my situation. 😭