Anyone else weirded out that some girls who want a sugar daddy don't really wanna meet their daddies? 

I'm not slut shaming the girl pero what could be the reason why some men pay alot for nothing? 

Stressball88 PRR

It is a tragedy to know that you are loved by everybody  else and yet the only person who cannot bring himself to love you is you yourself.

I planning to take vacation in PH on Dec to celebrate my dad 80th bday I know its like 11 more months but just wondering if anyone interested in joining me hiking mount Pulag akiki trail, I have done ambangeg trail 2 yrs ago just wanted to try out the longer and challenging route.

Mary PRR

A common sight on social media 

Are we slowly becoming a dull and miserable country like Japan? I see a lot of cries for help and generally depression based posts on various platforms these days. 

If a woman wears makeup and push up bras, is she tricking the guys she attracts?

Tito PRR

Best and worst things for you in 2019?

Guys, do you like women who are more quiet and reserved or who are more loud and outgoing?

Here we go again, the xmas lights and the incessant xmas music has begun

Just curious, ladies why do some of you prefer older and married males over the younger and single ones?

Tito PRR

I find women who can change their own tyres sexy!

Sobrang galling manlait ng mga pinoy but when it’s their turn to be made fun of or to be dissed on, super sensitive or Balat-Sibuyas ng mga tao. Lol

Maraming ganapan sa maynila ngayon about guys who film girls with their phones tas ang ba.bata pa ng mga babae. The fact that di nila mapigilan mga sarili nila means they really are sick in the head. They seriously need to get beaten up para tumatak na sa Kanila na di maganda ginagawa nila.

Sheeeeeeet. The moment after hitting "confirm payment" for my boyfriend's birthday gift (along with some sexy lingerie for the occasion) on a shopping app, my period tracker app popped up to let me know I'll be well into my period on the 4th. I'm getting cockblocked by mother nature herself. B*@xh hahhaha

Yesterday I had a very long wait at the doctor's. The three plastic plants in the waiting area have 163 leaves each, the patient information poster on the wall has 127 words, the longest word has 19 letters. Yup, I waited that long!

I hate it when people misjudge you or even think ill of you ... when you haven't done a single thing to warrant it.