Tito PRR

What is your take on this De Lima and U.S. saga? What do you think will happen?

Just wondering about 3 years ago the government legalized killing both drug dealers and drug addicts how was that worked out just wondering

If you had to chose one to be legal what would it be, marijuana or divorce?

Do you think Leni will do a better job in handling the so called illegal drugs issue?

Tito PRR

This is what I think when politicians promise to improve things in the #Philippines.

The China issue sa isla natin is still there pero puro diversion ang nakikita ko sa mga ginagawa ng gobyerno natin. It’s so obvious that Duterte is getting some cut from stuff that the Chinese is doing sa isla. He’s just any other corrupt na politician dressed in sheep’s clothing and the worst thing is ang daming nagpapa.uto sa acting niya (Dutards).

Daming fake news sa Philippines which is also rooted from corruption.

Brain Drain has to be stopped. This loss is not due to migration of such people due to lack of opportunities, conflicts etc. but because of the mentality which was a result of social conditioning in the country that working abroad is always better than working in the country. Brain Drain can be stopped by recognizing “genuine” talent rather than nepotism and adhering to any kind of corruption.

Politics in the Philippines is synonymous to show business. It’s full of the jeje type of pinoy shitty acting with no proper career planning.

The country should legalize drugs here for it to be properly monitored and to get rid of the killings and drug syndicates.

Kala ko si Duterte mismo bababa sa posisyon niya if di niya makuha yung results within 6 months. Haha dami naman nagpapa.uto sa mga politicians na to. His stay is long overdue. Good luck sa atin.

Walang use mga politicians dito sa pinas. They’re just fattening up their wallets. Sayang yung pinas, marami pa namang opportunities. Sayang yung votes Kay Duterte, if only yung majority ng mga pinoy Hindi madaling mauto we could’ve improved a lot of issues dito sa bansa.

the moment a prisoner seriously violated the rules, most specially if he/she commited a crime while behind bars, should forever forfeit any priviledge to reduce his/her sentence.

RA10592 can only grant a maximum of 14 years deduction for the 280 years sentence of ex-Mayor Sanchez. The good conduct time allowance (GCTA) can grant only 15 days deduction per month of service of study, teaching, or mentoring. Not to mention, there are instances when the former Calauan Mayor was caught with drugs in his prison cell. It is mathematically impossible to set Sanchez free this year based on GCTA alone. Source: Cong Koko Nograles

Pinas justice system bulok!

Do you think Sanchez deserves a second chance?