Given the on going changes in the world. Are you pro or against abortion?


My husband has been telling me he doesn't love me anymore for quite sometime now. It was the most painful words I've ever heard so far. He wanted to separate but he's not leaving home. He told me, he'll leave the house for good when he likes it. No matter how sorry I was for the wrong things I did he wouldn't wanna give me a chance. I asked for the same chance I gave him when he cheated on me some 4 or 5 years ago. 

I wanted us to work that's why as far as I can change for the better I would change, but for every chance he got he'll throw me that line, i dont love you anymore. 

I never thought I could be this heartbroken. I feel sad for my son. He doesn't deserve to grow up in a broken family. I hope there's another way for my situation. 😭


Is it bad for you to wish your family acknowledges your effort to provide decent clothes and food?

I was called a useless prick by my kid

My husband is very verbally abusive and I’m scared our son will turn out to be like him. He is a great provider but when he gets angry, he is worse than my worst nightmare.

I love my kids, but damn they take the energy out of me. how do you deal with hyper active children in Manila

Tito PRR

Philippines has the largest minor and teenage pregnancy rate in Asia. What do you think we should do as parents instead of pointing fingers at the government?

Mary PRR

I belong to this club. Anyone else :)

I’m a dad - I have glitter in my face and sometimes find legos in my bag when I’m at work. Keep it going dads. What about you?

Gusto ko ng makipaghiwalay, pero ung public shaming na pwede nyang gawin, pwede ata akong mawalan ng trabaho. Tiisin ko n lang ba at try uling buoin ang sinira ko or tuluyan ng umalis?

6 months ago I created a page for a small business that I started. Naturally I sent all my friends and family requests to like the page - just a click. Three relatives bashed me for annoying them with that one request so I apologized. Last week, the same relatives asked to borrow some money since my business is doing so well. Guess what I told them........... :D

Parents now a days need to properly prioritize their lives in order to raise kids properly. They need to distinguish stuff from being a want or a need. Parents here sa Philippines are so big on treating their kids as their best friend which is crazy wrong. There should be boundaries between parents and kids that needs to be established so that when kids grow up they won’t be a tax on society.

The polio issue thing is making me paranoid to the point na ayaw ko nang lumabas especially with my baby. Sana mawala na yung issue.

When going out of town with the fam, why do mothers complain about absolutely EVERYTHING??

Come one people, it is high time divorce is allowed in the Philippines. Not having that option is now an archaic way of thinking

Hard to find peace when your own amply is the source of your anxiety.