I last went to Baguio 10 years ago. Went there this past weekend and it was such a shorter travel time than what I remember. Glad to see some things are improving in PH

Phew, it was a difficult week. Driving around Manila is becoming even more difficult. Will this traffic problem ever be resolved?

Travelled to different cities of different countries. So far Mumbai is the city I hate most. It's chaotic, dirty, derelict with lots of undisciplined people. Been there many times but can't seem to like it..maybe because I foresee metro Manila being like that few years from now.

Has anyone here tried that luxury bus #Genesis to #Baguio?

Hello, foreigner! You are new here! You have a crazy notion that you would like to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and learn to drive in Metro Manila! Ha-ha! This is a very bad idea, and I would not encourage it.

I love the Philippines. No matter where I go, I proudly tell people where I am from. If I get blank stares, I bust out my phone and proceed to show them truly how beautiful the Philippines is.

Having a Resorts World gold card always gets me a FREE ride on their shuttle service ... esp. when I support events at Marriot. Today, I was 1 of only 2 passengers for the 2:30PM trip ... got to secure the front seat. More leg room + hogged/positioned the A/C to me. :P At least my fare going home was much less than if I had to take a bus bound to Pacita from wherever I may originate from. ;)

Today, I found out I could not go to the Philippines because I have never had Chicken Pox. The school took the radical decision to prohibit students who have never had Chicken Pox to leave the college. I am condemned to stay in Hong Kong in some shitty project because I am a healthy young man. I'm literally f***ed!

Had to cancel our plans to visit Hong Kong this weekend because of the protests there. We planned this last year. Oh well

Not everyone who is Asian is from China How would you like it if I went around shouting in the open street, “Hey Zulu!”, “Hey Afrikaner!” or “Can you speak African?” Just because I’m Asian, doesn’t mean I’m from China; my family is from the Philippines, big difference (about 3,101 km).

“So, like, should I keep my dogs away from you, ‘cause you eat dogs, right?’” said a stranger I met in university. Just because a small percentage of my people like to indulge in this weird delicacy, does not mean the rest of us Filipinos do, too. #DogLoverNoDogEater

My first year in the Philippines. It has been an 'interesting' 12 months.

The other day I paid P53 100 to a mechanic for fixing my car. It's also the day I got into an accident and totaled said car

From the airport taxi driver demanded an extra 1k. I pretended to call the cops then he stopped being bastos. I had no load lol.