Dating in 2020 in the Philippines :)


What are your thoughts on ford expeditions, would you recommend one for safety and once in a while trips to Baguio from Manila?

Soul Mates - Do they really exist?

Throughout centuries, story tellers, and people from different background and cultures always refer to their fascination in meeting one day their soul mates. Is Soul Mate a myth? Do they really exist? Or is Soul Mate a figment of our own imagination that can help keep our hope for a perfect relationship and keep our hope alive.

Anyone else weirded out that some girls who want a sugar daddy don't really wanna meet their daddies? 

I'm not slut shaming the girl pero what could be the reason why some men pay alot for nothing? 

 The most painful words I've ever heard....

"I stopped loving you over 2 years ago, di ko lang alam paano sasabihin. I'm sorry pinatagal ko masyado umabot sa ganito. But I really don't want to do this anymore. Now you know the real reason why I ghosted you for almost 2  months" - LDR ex gf of 5 years

The worst part was we were going for a vacation in her hometown, I was supposedly going to propose to her as a surprise. The reason she wasn't able to communicate with me for the past couple of months was that she had a lot going on. She lost her phone and it took her a while to secure a new one. She has all her e-mail and passwords she used on her social media accounts on that phone that's why she wasn't able to contact me through her socials either. She also got a new job and a new apartment so she had to go through a lot of moving arrangements. I trusted her and believed in her excuses. The day came and I finally flew to her hometown, she stood me up and that's when she told me everything over the phone. She blocked me in everything. I tried going to her new address she gave me to try to talk to her and try to find out why or to try to fix things. She gave me a fake/wrong address. I was stuck at a unfamiliar place, all alone, broken and confused. A supposed vacation paradise turned into a nightmare. This happened exactly a year ago. I can't remember the entire conversation but that was the gist of it.  I'm honestly okay now but no matter how much I've been able to pull through, to move on, I don't think the lingering traces of the pain won't truly ever go away.

I never had any success using dating apps nor dating sites. I always seemed to be swiped left. Maybe because I don't have the movie star looks (I am not that shabby neither, just not the type to turn heads I guess) nor do I have the macho physique (more of a dad bod really). I tend to be the type who passes to be the big brother and never the lover.

Clearly, I got used to being the last person chosen in a dating game. I just occured to me that brains aren't that much of a quality when it comes to attracting females. I mean, if it did then I probably be a rock star lol.

Friends say that I am a good conversationalist. I do feel very comfortable around people. Being sociable is probably my best asset. It just doesn't translate to success with women, though. People tend to bunch with the "Best guy friend ever but never the lover" group. I am either too nice or too nerdy. 


Looking for(girl 20 to 29) NSA cainta area. 

Stressball88 PRR

It is a tragedy to know that you are loved by everybody  else and yet the only person who cannot bring himself to love you is you yourself.



any filo ladies in Sydney, Australia? Hmu :) leave your TG or whatapp

I need an advice please. 

Where do broken hearts go?

I met someone online last February without any hopes of developing any romantic feelings. We both didn't have any profile photos in our dating accounts, yet we caught ourselves getting somewhat attracted or falling for each other everytime we talk for hours... or so I thought. I eventually shared some of my photos as a way of showing him that I was sincere with my friendship... he did the same after my constant prodding.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months of talking/chatting. We've shared a lot of our views and dreams in life that we're kinda like bf/gf already (without the title of course). He's torpe and I'm pretty old-fashioned/conservative in a lot of ways though he's more of the teasing type of guy. The last conversation we had was back in July 7. I asked him if it's okay for us to video chat or if he could send me a video instead even with a face mask on. He quipped, "You've already seen my photos, those should be enough." I responded with a few questions: "Don't you wanna meet me? Do you have plans of meeting me soon?" He answered, "We don't know when this pandemic will be over. We might meet in the future, who knows?". I was disappointed and sad to be honest, but I truly understand where he's coming from... that he's just being careful and he's doing his part not to be part of the numbers. (Btw, he's from Manila and I'm from the south area). I kept mum for a while because I was ruminating on a lot of things. I just could not understand why it's so hard for him to meet me if I was willing to visit him personally. I just wanted to be cordial and genuine too. He sent me a good night sticker then. I wasn't able to respond that night since it's already late and my hands were full with a lot of errands and work, so I replied a few days later. He didn't reply to my messages and chats. He never answered my calls, but I've seen him online on the dating platform where we met. Lest I forget, he suggested before that it's best if I'd just delete my account since I was getting nasty messages from men. I took it as his way of showing concern, so I also took the liberty of telling him that he should also do the same thing. He said, he'd delete it once he's already in a formal, committed relationship.

I was kinda hurt because that's not what I was expecting to hear from him. He said he's not talking to other women other than me because he felt it's wrong to talk to different girls all at the same time...and he knew from the start that I had the same stance when it comes to potential suitors/matches. I don't like the idea of talking to different guys. That's not my thing since time immemorial. It's hard to be flatly ignored by someone when there are other guys that I can just entertain, who are so much better than him...but then again, I don't really care much about looks. All I want is a God-fearing man with a good head on his shoulder, plus good morals. Is that too much to ask for? I have a few questions that I need some enlightenment please to wit:

1. What could be the reason/s why he ghosted me?
2. Should I text/call him again? I don't chase people, let alone men out of dignity and self-worth, but I'm willing to go that route to make things clear once and for all.
3. Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?

Thank you kindly for your advice.

Lexy  PRR

What are your thoughts on a throuple?

throuple is a relationship between three people who have all unanimously agreed to be in a romantic, loving, relationship together with the consent of all people involved.


Is it the same thing as an open relationship?


Typically, an open relationship is a relationship that occurs between two people who have mutually agreed to open their relationship up to sex — but not romance or love — with other people.

If two folks in an open (or closed) relationship have sex together with a third person, this is a threesome, not a throuple!

A threesome is explicitly sexual in nature. While throuples can (and often do!) have a sexual component, throuples are ongoing relationships that are full of feels and romance. Threesomes (usually) aren’t.

Here’s where it gets tricky: A throuple can be an open or closed relationship.

If it’s open, it means that the people in the throuple can only have romance within the throuple, but can have sex with folks outside of the relationship.

If it’s closed, it means that the people in the throuple can only have romance and sex with the other people within the throuple.

A throuple relationship can also be polyamorous.

This means that the individuals within the throuple can have sex and romance or love with folks outside of their three-person relationship.

“As with a two-person relationship, what the throuple looks like is dependent on what the people in the relationship’s boundaries, needs, and wants are,” explains Taylor.

Any filipina in SG? Leave your telegram / whatsapp

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Any dog lovers here?



I'm S. Korean in BGC. Looking for someone to chat with. Kind of bored and would like to meet someone new as a friend first then see where it goes. Leave your TG and a bit about yourself then I will message you if you sound like someone I can bond with. 

Given the on going changes in the world. Are you pro or against abortion?


I'm a Bicolano who is looking for someone spend time with during quarantine. We can talk about anything or can do something.(only prefer women of any age) If you're interested, hit me up